Hola Mohalla

Today marks the day that Sikh’s start 3 day celebrations for – ‘Hola Mohalla’ (not to be confused with ‘Holi’).

This is the period ‘Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji’ set aside as a time for ‘Martial Arts Training’ for his army to train for any obstacles that may come in their way, on the battlefield.

This ideoloyy can be used in our every day walk of life.

Sikhs celebrate ‘Hola Mohalla’, by praying and going to the Gurudwara, however, there are also melai all over India, with the most famous one being at ‘Anandpur Sahib’, where events take place, such as, Horse Riding, Martial Arts displays, Mock Battles, Horse Races, Kirtan, Poetry Competitions, Langar, etc, a bit like a ‘Sikh Olympics’.

Hola Mohalla Diyan Sariya Nun Lakh Lakh Vadhayi Hove.

Happy Hola Mohalla to all.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh